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The Workplace Violence Prevention Association (WVPA) is a membership organization that provides businesses the guidance and support needed to establish, implement, and maintain an effective workplace violence prevention plan.

Our Expertise

We bring together our content expertise in a collaborative multidisciplinary team approach to ensure our members build consistent and effective practices to prevent violence in the workplace. Workplace violence prevention requires perspectives beyond only safety and security professionals. Our team brings vast experience in building professional membership organizations to deliver services beyond the expectations of our members.

Our Commitment to Results

WVPA membership provides access to the latest research, policy templates, checklists, training, and compliance requirements for CA SB 553. We have created a low initial price point for members along with free training and resources for those wanting to learn more about our organization. We are committed to delivering materials and training that exceed our members' expectations and regularly growing and enhancing our member benefits.

Our Philosophy

WVPA is dedicated to developing and sharing content and process expertise in workplace violence prevention. We believe in an interdisciplinary approach that encourages collaboration among safety/security, psychology, law enforcement, human resources, legal scholars, and diversity advocates. We believe in a growth-based process that ensures compliance with state regulations and anticipates changes in regulations and best practice.

Our Experience

Our team members provide training and consulting services for critical incident response, disaster preparation, and emergency response to law enforcement personnel, K-12 school districts, higher education institutions, local governments, and property management companies nationwide. We represent a wide range of fields of study and provide a broad knowledge base for working with businesses of all types and sizes.

Leadership Team

Brian Van Brunt

Dr. Brian Van Brunt

President, WVPA

Director of Behavior and Threat Management, DPrep, Inc.

Bethany Smith

Bethany Smith

Chief Executive Officer, WVPA

Director of Safety, DPrep, Inc.

Brian Heider

Brian Heider

Executive Director, WVPA

President, Axiom Investigations Group

Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor

Vice President, WVPA

Physical Safety/Security Expert, DPrep, Inc.

Executive Council

Advisory Board

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