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Rachael Frost

Chief Executive Officer

Frost ICED

A global safety and security expert, comprehensive program developer, investigator, trainer, and effective violence recognition and response professional. A 20-year law enforcement veteran and threat assessment and management investigator, Rachael specializes in large scale threat assessment and management program development and operations, intimate partner and family violence, emergent investigations, site security, and more. She has developed teams across wide jurisdictions and disciplines to work in concert to address these areas in "Full Circle" response programs.

As a crisis management investigator and manager of an investigations team, Rachael specializes in handling complex, high-profile cases, with professional, timely accuracy and leaving no stone unturned to best serve clients. Her team's 24/7 response with experts in their field can make the difference for your firm.

A nationwide trainer across entities, Rachael focuses on intervention and response considerations regarding potential violence against others or self, delving into issues of domestic violence, stalking, site security, lethality assessments, sexual assault, child abuse, and more. Through the ACTION Academy, she trains multidisciplinary team members how to conduct effective investigations and handle a wide variety of justice and workplace conflict issues and concerns.

As a program developer, Rachael has extensive experience and is dedicated to changing the way our workplaces, schools, and agencies address violence recognition and response. Positive and effective change in these areas is the mission and passion of Frost ICED leaders and trusted partners.

An expert witness and case evaluator for police policies and procedures specific to domestic violence, stalking, and strangulation, Rachael has testified in numerous hearings and trials, and investigated or assisted with hundreds of person’s crimes incidents. Frost ICED strives to be the educator through all court cases, providing relevant information, effective case development, and seeking the truth of the matter within each case evaluation.

A security specialist, Rachael focuses on developing and implementing site assessments and response plans for event operations across disciplines. For security forces, she is well-adept to address complete program management, trained in defensive tactics instruction, arrest and control tactics, de-escalation, verbal judo, counterterrorism, post-blast investigations, behaviors and subjects of concern, stalking investigations, suspicious devices, and more.

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