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The Workplace Violence Prevention Association (WVPA) helps businesses develop, maintain, and train their employees on all aspects of a workplace violence prevention plan tailored to their workplace. This includes all types of businesses, including large and small businesses, retail and service industries, and schools, colleges, and universities. Membership will help keep you in compliance with state and national regulations, including California SB 553.

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WorkSafe Webinars

Join us on the last Tuesday of each month for a FREE live webinar available to both members and non-members. Hosted by Dr. Brian Van Brunt, president of WVPA, and Brian Heider, executive director, along with members of the advisory board and other subject matter experts, these sessions will cover a wide variety of topics related to workplace safety. Summary recordings are available on our YouTube channel, with full recording available to members. 

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Workplace Violence Prevention Plans 101

Several people in suits listening to a trainer

Training Supervisors on Violence Prevention

May 27, 2024

A diverse team sitting around a table

Behavioral Intervention and Threat Teams

September 23, 2024

An angry man at a reception desk

Understanding Credible Threats of Violence

A close up of someone typing on a cell phone

Assessing and Mitigating Threats on Social Media

June 24, 2024

A stack of meditation stones on a desk

Mental Illness and Workplace Violence

October 28, 2024

A man talking to a woman holding a clipboard

Responding to Threats and Violence

An overhead view of people walking through key card turnstiles in an office building

Physical Safety and Security in the Workplace

July 29, 2024

An angry exchange between customer and a barista

Understanding Insider and Outsider Threats

November 25, 2024

A close shot of someone flipping through folders in a file cabinet

Reporting, Documenting, and Review

April 29, 2024

Factory staff receiving training

Training Employees on Violence Prevention

August 26, 2024

A woman in an apron sitting in an empty restaurant

Intimate Partner and Domestic Violence

January 27, 2025

A woman raising her hand in a classroom
A man sitting at a table in an otherwise empty coffee shop
Two women talking while walking through an open office space
Medical professionals looking at a laptop
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Institutes of Learning

Retail and


Large and Small Businesses

Clinics and Hospitals

Construction and Labor

What We Offer

Violence Prevention Plans

WVPA offers a wide range of tools that will help you stay in compliance with state and federal law, including template plans, training tools, and community support. Our advisory board is made up of experts who can support your business in this critical work.

Staff Training

We provide training for all levels of employees in safety topics related to crisis de-escalation and active assailant response. Our training is available in person, live online, and by asynchronous video training. 

Community Support

Membership gives you access to our community forum, where you can share knowledge and ideas and ask questions. Our team of experts will be on hand to answer questions and provide guidance as you do this important work.

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Why Choose Us?

25+ Years of Experience

Research Based 

Safety and Security Experts

Trauma Informed Best Practices

Online Assessment Tools

Constantly Updating

Plans & Pricing


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